whale shark expedition | pangeaseed

july 21-28th, 2018

have you ever dreamt of swimming nose to nose with the largest (and quite possibly most chill af) fish in the ocean? you have? well guess what, you!? it's time to wake up and smell the plankton. opportunity is nigh! this summer, colabs is partnering with our beloved fin flapping fish fanatics, pangeaseed, to make all your pelagic dreams come true. join us for a week of aquatic adventure off the enchanted isa mujeres, Mexico, home to the largest aggregation (fancy word for gathering) of whale sharks on this planet we call earth. 

oh and guess what else, you?! this here pelagic party don't stop at tiburon ballena. not by a damn sight. the 2018 whale shark expedition offers a veritable cornucopia of rad excursions, including but not limited to: bomb vegan nomz at sirena morena, a tour of islas's legendary mural installations from seawalls past, unlimited access to el milagro's waterfront fleet of paddle boards and kayaks, marveling at the electric hues of a tropical sunset from your own private dock/hammock/swing (a handheld cerveza - or four - is recommended for this particular activity) and did someone say scuba? welp. we just did. on isla mujeres, divers of any experience level can choose their own adventure. pristine reef dives, penetrating wreck dives, drift dives, night dives (ideal for octo-spotting), scuba certification dives, aaaand our personal fave: museo subacuatico underwater sculpture museum, which features astounding living coral creations by Jason decaires Taylor, + a sneaky hidden installation from invader

lock your spot to rock by using promo code COLABS150 to receive a trip discount of $150. support responsible eco-tourism with the adventure of a lifetime.

for more information and to register for the whale shark expedition, click here