who we are

colabs is composed of talented individuals from all aspects of the arts, media and entertainment industries. with collective, extensive experience in directing, photography and cinematography, art curation and history, location management, public relations, editing, writing, radio/tv broadcasting, event planning and marketing, we take an idea and execute it to its fullest form while maintaining a process of spirit and camaraderie.


meet + greet

melissa 'zippy' downing

Melissa 'Zippy' Downing’s passion for public art evolved from over a decade of experience as a 399 Union commercial and television location manager. She became intrigued by the shifting art forms as she traversed city neighborhoods in search of a perfect location for the current scouting assignment. This allowed her to form relationships with artists as she stumbled upon them amidst their work. Her clients include Vogue Magazine, Nissan Versa, Nylon Magazine, Samsung, American Hotel, Zara, Imperial Arts, Cashmere Agency, ACME Co. and Arena. Her relationships with property owners have allowed her to organize over a dozen commissions with nationally and internationally renowned artists.

Courtney carter

Courtney Carter has lived nine lives, holding positions in radio, tv, film, print, writing, news broadcast, high-end event planning, marketing and location management. She has worked with and interviewed Ellie Goulding, G-Eazy and K. Flay, thrown parties for Warner Brothers, Chevrolet and the Motion Picture and Television Fund and managed guerrilla tactics in 46 markets for Cricket Wireless... before realizing satisfaction would only come from paving a path of her own. This led her to art production and management, allowing her to work intimately with artists like Christina Angelina, Ease One, Fin DAC, Reef, Davia King and Tarajosu. She enjoys bringing innovative, far-fetched concepts down to the earth plane and working with others to turn them into reality. 

Rebecca basaure

Born in La Paz, Bolivia, Rebecca Basaure was raised by an American mother and a Bolivian father, a background which has given her vast American and Latino influences. In her early teens, Rebecca and her family moved to Kansas where she had access to a dark room. She began experimenting with black and white 35mm photography, soon developing a passion for visual story telling. Today she works as a Los Angeles based freelance filmmaker-photographer and is a member of the IATSE Local 600 Cinematographers Guild. Her interests in filmmaking lie both in fiction and documentary projects. Rebecca enjoys experimenting with different mediums while merging art and science to further explore humanity's complex relationship with nature. She hopes that one day her work will influence positive change and spread awareness on social and environmental issues. 


Cassidy hall

Cassidy Hall's involvement in the arts began with an awe and adoration for the great mysteries of life. Her deep love for the unknown has led her to exploring art as a way of meeting the infinite spoken and unspoken possibilities to which life's mysteries can be encountered. Her work as a writer, photographer, filmmaker, locations scout, tour manager, and trained counselor have led her to delve into a variety of experiences. Cassidy's work on the award-winning documentary film IN PURSUIT OF SILENCE has led her all over the country for film festivals and a continued dialogue with silence. Cassidy's writing is featured on The Huffington Post, Patheos and her website cassidyhall.com. Her experiences traveling to monasteries and living a life of pilgrimage has informed her art, her personal life and her way of being.

theresa rodriguez

Theresa Rodriguez has had the opportunity to hold varying roles on set, from associate producer to production assistant. She worked as editor for The Hunted(2013), a short film directed by Joy Bohnenkamp that was nominated for best edit at the Horror Film Race in Dallas, Texas. She was also brought on as one of the producers for Little Socrates (2015), which won best direction at the Fort Worth Bizarre Film Festival. Rodriquez loves nothing more than sitting in the director's seat and having her dreams dance on the screen. In 2014, she directed her first short film, F+. She then went on to co-write and direct Faust, which was nominated for best director and best cinematography at the 2014 Horror Film Race in Dallas. Her latest short, Forgive Me, is currently in post-production. 

Alexander paul


Originally from New London, CT, award winning photographer Alexander D. Paul graduated from Emerson College with a Bachelor's Degree in media studies and then moved to Los Angeles where he began working as a local 600 camera assistant. His resume includes work on numerous popular television shows including his most recent efforts as a second unit Director of Photography on the highly acclaimed documentary series Chef's Table for NETFLIX. He has worked under the guidance of cinematographers such as Academy Award winner David Stump, the former President of the American Society of Cinematographers Michael Goi, and Richard Crudo, the current President of the American Society of Cinematographers. Under their leadership, Alexander has been exposed to a wide range of technique and skill, providing him with a full palette that he uses to create rich and meaningful imagery. This, and years of extensive travel to places near and far has shaped Alexander's approach to technique and method.


christopher mcgeorge

christopher mcgeorge is an art historian. his primary research interests are the relationships between the public and different media, including the ways different materials are thought to address the masses. his current work focuses on stained glass and murals in victorian England, but he has taught courses linking British mural and stained glass works to modern and contemporary Los Angeles. his research has been funded by use, the usc visual studies research institute, the Huntington library, the university of Oxford, the use Andrew w. Mellon digital humanities program, and others.