we seek to partner with socially and environmentally conscious organizations to generate a greater positive impact on the planet through artistic mediums.

montage paint

montage paint is a factory direct manufacturer and paint store source for exterior, interior and latex eco friendly, cheap budget friendly recycled paint. Every year thousands of 1 to 5 gallon buckets of surplus, mis-tints and unwanted left-over paint is wasted or disposed of improperly. montage works to cut down on this waste by recycling these products into quality paints and construction products. montage takes recycling seriously, and even the paint cans they use are re-used or recycled. The gallery below features a look at the materials and assembly that go into creating their products. 

A partnership between montage and COlabs presents an exciting opportunity to integrate recycled acrylic paint into the artistic process. This upcycling of donated and discarded materials not only cuts costs for artists but, most importantly, has a positive impact on the planet. Instead of paint being thrown out and left to seep into the grounds of a landfill, it is repurposed to help beautify the earth. This is a very exciting partnership and will help support environmentally conscious installations able to demonstrate how easy it is for humans to repurpose items and help heal the planet. 



PangeaSeed Foundation’s mission is to empower individuals and communities to create meaningful environmental change for oceans through ARTivism, education, and science.

they forge a synthesis between creative expression, nature, and society to (re)connect individuals and communities with our planet’s most important ecosystem by following our core values of sustainability, education, ecology, and design.

The word “Pangea” derives from ancient Greek meaning “entire earth.” It’s the concept of the super continent that was surrounded by a single vast ocean which existed over 250 million years ago, well before the current continents were separated into their now recognizable forms.

PangeaSeed Foundation aims to unify and connect individuals around the world, opening a dialog to share ideas and develop a better global understanding of our connection with the oceans. Through education, awareness and action we are working together to solve this environmental crisis.

No matter where you are in the world, your lifestyle and consumption habits have positive and negative effects on every animal (including humans)and ecosystem on the planet. In short, like Pangea the super continent, we are all connected. 

The word “seed” invokes an image of growth, progress and evolution. Through PangeaSeed Foundation, we strive to grow together to develop a better global understanding of the need to protect oceans and conserve its valuable resources. The “Seed” in our name, is also an acronym for ‘Sustainability, Education, Ecology and Design’, the four core pillars we stand by.

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