nils | zynderia studios

los angeles, california

Isabelle is the handiwork of Richmond, VA based visual artist Nils Westergard, and is his inaugural mural installation for the City of Angels. COlabs is honored to present this iteration of Nils' vision, a style characterized by haunting yet stunning photorealistic greyscale portraiture. unlike the vast majority of urban muralists who create almost exclusively with aerosol, Nils deftly crafted 'Isabelle' utilizing eco-friendly acrylic materials, paint roller extension poles, and a hefty dose of elbow grease. his process begins by applying blacks + gradients of dark shades before progressing to lighter tones + whites, giving the piece it's final shape. Nils incorporated his signature drip style throughout, a technique which lends an ethereal, otherworldly quality to the work upon close examination. 

Isabelle was completed in just three days, an emerging magic number in a scene dominated by get-up-and-goers, determined to craft masterpieces in a timely fashion, pushing the conviction that they’re more than mere mortals. 'Isabelle' was created with support from COlabs eco-partners at montage, the top US supplier of upcyled latex paint + Zynderia Studios, which has become a destination for world class muralism, featuring pieces by international heavy hitters such as Pixel Pancho, Alice Pasquini, Woes, Jason Botkin, Sebacener, + inbound talent yet to be revealed.

special thanks:
Jason Ostro + Gabba Gallery

Isabelle is located at zynderia studios at 1741 Naud Street in Los Angeles, CAlifornia.