What we do


COlabs is a visual art consulting firm and production company specializing in socially conscious installations + content.

COlabs serves as a conduit between property owners seeking world class mural installations and a diverse rosters of creators who can realize their vision. We facilitate the process completely, from inception to completion. COlabs services include: sourcing of site or sites to host commissioned artwork, assembling a budget of materials necessary to execute the project, and thoroughly documenting the process via written word, still photography, and broadcast quality filmed content--including aerial cinematography.  

COlabs spent much of its infancy on the road. In an effort to broaden our global perspective, we sought out the sources of inspiration for those very creators who inspire us. Travels throughout Europe and most recently, South America, have affirmed our belief that as inhabitants of this planet we are all connected. Each connection presents an opportunity for discovery, and with those discoveries we can create together.  

So create we did. In 2015, COlabs produced public art installations and documentary projects abroad, teaming up with famed Portugese ARTivist Bordalo II in Germany for Berlin Rising and with Roman legend Alice Pasquini, both in her hometown and again in Uruguay, where we traveled with the prolific muralist to document her inaugural voyage to South America.

Fueled by the momentum of our journeys, we hope to soon welcome these and other world-renowned creators to our stomping grounds of Los Angeles, to bless her surfaces with their gifts.


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