alice pasquini | zynderia studios

los angeles, california

once italian artist alice pasquini’s feet kissed la terrain, she hit the ground running, leaving a trail of colorful art in her wake. her efforts culminated with a female portrait on the back wall of zynderia studios, a soft piece that packs a punch. pasquini is one of the few artists capable of producing powerful murals no matter the subject matter, a gift granted from beyond the realms of human reasoning and logic, one that allows an artist to imbue any given surface with sparks of soul.

this is pasquini's second mural on the west coast (the first erected in the Gabba gallery alley mere days before zynderia), and her first stop before continuing on to San Francisco. pasquini is not new to the street art sphere, with 15 years experience and over 100 murals dotting every continent but Antarctica. 

zynderia studios is a production services company used for filming, but the work is accessible by the public during the day (so long as the location is not in use).

zynderia studios is located at 1741 naud street Los Angeles, ca 90012. 

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alice pasquini + uno | buzzworks

san francisco, california

Italian artists Alice Pasquini and Uno collaborated on Telepathy, a rooftop piece at the 5-star arcade/bar Buzzworks in San Francisco. Telepathy is Alice’s second large scale mural in the state of California, immediately following her warm hued work Last Passenger at Zynderia Studios in Los Angeles. 

The work garners its name from Pasquini’s painted subjects sharing similar ideas despite the distance between them. The ideas are embodied by Uno’s paper cranes, with those in white denoting the ideas we contemplate but don’t act on, and the single, golden crane as the idea we decide to put into action. The wallpaper backdrop, also done by Uno, begins to fade as it passes behind the subject’s head, representing the fleeting reality of our existence.  

Emotions are a predominant part of Pasquini’s work, which has been erected on an international scale over the past decade. She focuses on artwork containing feeling and color as she believes they are capable of transcending any cultural or language barriers that might arise during her travels. 

This mural is the first work executed as a collaboration between Pasquini and Uno. It took three days to complete. 

Telepathy is located at 365 11th Street in San Francisco, CA 94103.

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alice pasquini | new journey

rockaway beach, new jersey + jersey city, new jersey + manhattan, new york


Alice Pasquini’s artwork is seen not only on urban surfaces and walls, but also in galleries and museums in more than one hundred different cities around the world. Alice travels continuously and her preferred canvases are city walls. The Roman artist, both a street artist and painter, as well as an illustrator and set designer, has developed different threads in her research, from narrating feminine vitality to manipulating the three-dimensional possibilities of her work. She moves from urban explorations to installations using found materials. Sydney, New York, Barcelona, Oslo, Moscow, Paris, Copenhagen, Marrakech, Berlin, Saigon, Madrid, London, and Rome are some of the cities which have given a home to her urban works.

'New Journey' is a portrait of the artist as delivered from the streets of New York. we follow Pasquini and her paper airplanes as they glide from walls in Rockaway Beach to Jersey City to the Amistad Dual Language School in Manhattan. Pasquini's three part installation was completed in 2014, and these works remain a source of pride for the communities which play host to the artist's inspirational message.

Film/Edit - Matt Powers
Production - POW! Films + COlabs
Featured Music - GUTS, SAMIYAM, Smic Analog Ensemble, Michael RJ Saalman, and Revolution Void

Special Thanks to:
Amistad Language School
Beautify Earth/Beautify Rockaway
Zippy Downing
Tonot Zucconot the Robot
Tyler Fransen

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process | new journey