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Brazilian OG graffiti artist Binho (30 years strong painting city streets), brightened up the landscape of Flint, Michigan with his mural Agua e Vida. Allowing his imagination to take the front seat, he made creative use of a house exterior for an octopus to coil its tentacles both inside and out.

Yet the mural wasn’t just an exercise in creativity, but a statement about our planet and the current and unnatural devastation it’s experiencing. both humans and animals are being poisoned by manmade pollutants and forced to flee from their habitats. the decision to remain in a toxic environment results in life threatening consequences. This is why Binho chose to paint an aquatic creature in flint Michigan, its tentacles breaking as it struggles to survive. 

flint has been in the throes of a water crisis since 2014, when toxic levels of lead were found in the water supply. infants and children were most impacted, facing lifelong physical and developmental effects like stunted growth and memory problems. to this day residents are still drinking bottled water and have yet to determine a long-term water source. 

Binho is one of several artists chosen to raise awareness for the time sensitivity and severity of the crisis in flint. Aqua e vida was completed in two days with acrylic and spray paint. He hopes the work will bring attention and help the nation remember with urgency the emergency flint is still facing. 

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