christina angelina | berlin rising

berlin, germany

We sat down with Christina Angelina prior to her departure to Teufelsberg — an abandoned WWII spy compound in Berlin, Germany. Angelina was one of almost 100 artists slated to paint the ruins in an effort to breathe life and creation into an area purposed for the opposite.

Angelina is an artist known for her large-scale, photoreal murals with emotional undertones, often picking projects that offer a unique canvas and immersive experience. She was slated to tackle a massive wall within Teufelsberg with the help of Ease One, best known for his intense, perfected calligraphy.

However, the duo was unable to complete their wall due to a miscommunication with the site rep, leaving them locked out and without paint. This temporary setback evolved into the Urban Nation masterpiece pictured below, their work a source of contemplative energy for streets of Berlin. 


christina angelina | process