davia king | imperial art studios

los angeles, california

Davia King created her first mural at Imperial Art Studios in April of 2016. It was revealed and used as a backdrop for the annual Broke LA Fest, an affordable alternative to Coachella. 

The piece is composed of an array of colors and faces, overlapping and blending into one another. The concept is representative of how the macrocosm comprises the microcosm, from a cellular level to society itself—everything coexists in one space at one time. King attempts to capture that notion within the wall, a reminder that we are not separate from one another, but part of a diverse whole. 

A massive wall to tackle as a first-timer, King completed the work within 5 days. 


davia king | frogtown art walk

atwater village, california

Davia King's latest mural, Flow, tumbles us towards the hidden folds of space, our fall cushioned by colorful nebula. King has been experimenting with her own artistic recreation of the cosmos for the past x years, her standard medium being a fabric canvas and ink. The creation of Flow marks her first attempt to translate the work to an outdoor sphere—in this case, atop a shipping container, working vertically and using house paint and aerosol.

Zero reference was used in the making of Flow, the work strictly contingent upon King’s imagination. 

This experiment in artistic freedom speaks out against the restrictions often experienced in our daily routine. Her freestyle in energy and color functions as an aid to viewers, leading them to release self-imposed feelings of confinement. A balance of color translates to the balancing act we seek within our own lives. 

Flow was produced by visual art consulting firm COlabs and created with 100% recycled acrylic paint donated by the Azusa-based company, montage paint. King feels that this is an important aspect of her work as it is far preferable for the planet—discarded paint is a safety and health hazard for storage and safe disposal. Flow is King’s fourth mural and is located at Stage THIS! in the Frogtown neighborhood of Los Angeles. 


davia king | saks fifth avenue

los angeles, california

The rear entrance to Imperial Art Studios was home to Davia King's second mural. Emphasizing the same concept, she used ethereal and sunset tones to transform the message from our connection at a cellular level to our unity with the cosmos. Saks Fifth Avenue was so impressed by the work that they featured it as the backdrop in the Inspiredsection of their catalog.