fringe unicorns | herakut

los angeles, california

A series of arches in the Chinatown district of Los Angeles now showcase Herakut’s Fringe Unicorns. Two unicorns just beyond the Spring Street bridge advise those who pass, “we’re here, but only visible… to the right… kind of eye.” 

Herakut, a Berlin-based artist duo (Hera + Akut), are notorious for their murals inspired by the people and places of their surroundings. the resulting image is a rewarding symbiosis of these exchanges. their joint creative process is reflective, inspiration, playful and inquisitive. "I feel we should always reach the highest level of authenticity," says Hera. "only what's true and heartfelt has a chance to last." 

The underlying message of Fringe Unicorns addresses the dire issue of homelessness in the greater Los Angeles area. Herakut feels that while the homeless are as human as the rest of us, their worth is not as widely acknowledged or accepted by those who partake in economic and societal structuring. 

Fringe Unicorns sprang to life when Faith 47 was making supreme lex esto in Skid Row, another work that placed a focal point on homelessness. The arches, first spotted by Faith 47, had been a potential site for the mural before she found it a home in Skid Row. She saw the space alive with possibility and thus served as a conduit for Herakut, who furthered the message about the nation’s ignored and hidden lower class system. 

This isn’t the first time Herakut has addressed issues on a global stage. In 2014, Herakut traveled to a refugee camp in Syria with APTArt (Awareness + Prevention Through Art) to do workshops for women and children.

The work was erected as the duo prepared for their exhibition, Rental Asylum, at Corey Helford Gallery. Both Herakut and COlabs shared many memories during the making of this work, from scarfing down Chinese food on the sidewalk and watching Hera battle imposing tree limbs, to finally pooling our strength to try and move the lift when it was stuck in asphalt. This is an impossible feat reserved for tow trucks. 

special thanks:
zynderia studios