hanksy | surplus candy

west adams, california

COlabs sourced a five story abandoned mansion in West Adams for Surplus Candy, a one-night-only art show involving over 50 national and international artists. The show made its West Coast debut at the hands of Hanksy, an artist known for his politically-infused pop art commentary. This was the a follow-up to the first official Surplus Candy pop-up show in an abandoned bank in New York City. 

Artists MTOChristina AngelinaFanakapanTarajosu and Reef were in attendance on behalf of COlabs, their mural work among infinite paste-ups and pieces by fan favorites like Drew Merritt, Annie Preece and Mear One. Instagram tipped off fans as artists posted teasers of the upcoming event, providing the address a few hours before doors opened. 

Over 2,000 people waited in line to make their way through the mansion's museum, their path directed by a set of ropes that routed their way through each floor. 

The fleeting installation was a social media success, providing its viewers with limitless photo ops. 

All artwork was buffed the next day, a scenario faced by any artist who chooses city walls as their canvas, where their work can be covered or buffed in a matter of days. 

Get a taste of the experience in Monty's walk-through video above, and a glimpse at the property's complete transformation in the photo album below. 

We hope to see Hanksy back next year and can't wait to delve into finding the next setting. 

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