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Nils is next to leave his mark on Zynderia Studios, the third artist in an epic, hand-selected lineup that’s leading to the studio’s artistic transformation (and the oh-the-my-god-this-piece-is-SO-sick roster of murals that currently exist in Los Angeles).

It seems most of our favorite artists have a thirst for adventure and Nils is no exception. His early work as an artist-in-residence in Australia led him to qualify as a finalist in the International Stencil Art competition in 2013. After his stint there, he criss-crossed the world to create murals in places like the Czech Republic, Austria and London.

He was also asked to produce a piece for the Painted Desert Project, a highly sought after organization that grants mural opportunities on select areas of the Navajo Nation Indian reservation in northern Nevada. 

Nils will arrive and start painting this weekend. We look forward to hanging out, observing his process, inquiring whether he enjoys Vegemite and reporting back with a dynamic profile of his world.

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