event | brett crawford: flying close to the sun

Brett Crawford covers the facets of fear in ‘Flying Close to the Sun’ at Avenue des Arts in downtown Los Angeles. The theme, inspired by the legend of Icarus, challenges the constrictive existence that stems from a cocktail of unfiltered external feedback and self-imposed boundaries. This series of ten canvases won’t spell it out—true to Crawford’s nature, viewers must lose themselves in a dreamscape where folklore and subtle shouts to pop culture morph into stylized, symbolic truths. Painted scenes reimagine challenges as opportunities which, when faced with courage, unearth secret potentials that spark new realities.

‘flying close to the sun’ is on view at Avenue des arts from December 14th-january 26th.

december 14th

6-9 pm

avenue des arts

800 s los angeles street

los angeles, ca 90014

words by carter