event | candid: a group show

mdmn presents candid: a group show at the Angel city brewery tonight at 6 pm. The artist, notorious for his energetic reinterpretations of superheroes, first worked with angel city brewery in june of 2016 for a series of painted rollup doors. his time there transitioned into a partnership, with several exciting opportunities coming into fruition this year. (no spoilers as of yet). 

when mdmn was offered a solo show at angel city to launch said partnership, he saw it as an opportunity to involve the other artists who have supported him throughout the years. and so candid was born, a show rooted upon community and a notion of “do you” — in other words, this collective body is reflective of artists whose work has been recognizable and consistent, those who have held onto their vision despite the highs and lows of the industry and any harrowing solicited/unsolicited feedback. 

it is because of this unwavering determination that the work of each artist will be easily recognizable to the public—each of the 15 artists have devoted much of their time “getting up” or covering the streets with their work. 

"It's a cool look for everyone to be together and for our ghosts to all be in one place. we're there, just not in person--but still recognizable by canvas," mdmn said. 

if mdmn's values of community, gratitude and giving back are the undertone for subsequent collaborations between himself and angel city brewery, then we're in for a feel good 2018 as far as mdmn is concerned. 

see candid at angel city brewery (on view through 2/16): 

Tuesday, January 16th

6 pm

216 Alameda street

Los Angeles, ca 90012

words by carter