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we rise, a 10-day pop-up art festival for the empowerment of mental health wellbeing as a civil right, kicks off this weekend and runs from may 19th-28th. each day’s itinerary presents a schedule of events designed to foster community building, sowing seeds for support systems equipped with the power to change our current trajectory. together, we are capable of shifting outdated cultural systems and beliefs and shaping a healthier society. 

upcoming event highlights:

saturday, may 19th: 4:30-6:30pm

giant relaxation community coloring

Let’s be real, no one gets too old to enjoy a good coloring session! Better yet, we’re printing giant coloring pages so you can team up with a friend and color poster sized pages to bring home.

sunday, may 20th: 4-5:30 pm

Body Positive Revolution: Check Your Shame At The Door

As social media continues to illuminate a culture of focused on perfectionism we must insist on being selective of messaging we attach our personal identities to. We must choose to love our bodies even when they fall short of our fitness goals, grow hair, change colors, wrinkle, or become less functional than they once were. This is the spirit of unconditional body positivity– and we want everyone filled with it! Join us for a powerful conversation between body image  leaders driving the election of self worth above all self-destructive trends.

tuesday, may 22nd: 7-9 pm

The Alchemy of Survival: A Journey Back to Self-Love

Thousands of women around the world are rewriting their stories of darkness through radical self-love and healing. On this night we honor and uplift the women, activists, and communities that insist on emotional wellness and healing in the wake of sexual assault. We will feature a reading by grassroots cultural art movement Survivor Love Letter,performances by Natalie Patterson and Mary Lambert, and a panel discussion on healing and dismantling rape culture. 

saturday, may 26th: 3:30-5:30 pm

Keep Calm and Zentangle

Get lost adding color to big wandering curves, organic patterns and weaving shapes. One of our onsite artists will be painting huge zentangle designs and you can make them your own by adding the color schemes that bring you calm and joy.

sunday, may 27th: 7:30-9pm

Medicinal Creativity: The Connection Between Arts & Mental Health

Since the beginning of time civilizations have relied on art and expression to heal and enrich the lives of their communities.Today, the call for medicinal creativity is more urgent and valuable than ever as we examine antidotes for mental illness stigma and the dissolvement of the Prison Pipeline system. Join this powerful conversation of artists from all walks of life that are bravely nurturing the mental health of themselves and communities through the arts.  

1726 n spring street

los angeles, ca 90012