mujer del poder | sebacener

argentinian-based artist sebacener completed mujer del poder (woman of power) at zynderia studios near downtown los angeles. his addition finalizes the wall of women, a triptych that is a timely and timeless tribute to feminine strength done by seba, nils (virginia by way of belgium) and alice pasquini (italy). 

mujer del poder contains a larger story of collaboration, courage and chance. it is a testimony to the cord of a higher calling, the thread that, when followed, has a glorious plan—one that is only accessible when the choice is made to silence the mind and follow the gut. 

colabs and seba first came into contact a few months ago, when he was recommended by artist bip. seba was flying to los angeles for a week to visit his mother and wanted to “get up.” colabs arranged his first wall, juan carlos, at zynderia studios in november of 2017. 

colabs and seba developed a great camaraderie during the making of juan carlos and wanted to help produce his next piece. seba arranged for a flight in january to paint a mural in the space next to juan carlos

when colabs honcho zippy learned of seba’s need for a subject that challenged his color range, she recommended he reach out to rogue foto, a friend and celebrated photographer lauded for female portraiture. seba was given the green light and chose a photo of sophia miacova, a well known model on instagram.

seba was ready to begin. he expressed excitement for the solitude of working on the wall, somewhat secluded on the back side of zynderia. but when he arrived, he did not find an empty warehouse as he had in the past. zynderia had been rented out by activist/artivist group into action for a 9-day pop-up exhibition. 

the space was alive with people, trucks and equipment. the into action team needed to unload and set up rigging, a full-fledged gallery and a stage within the warehouse—and seba’s wall was in the heart of their unloading zone. 

seba did not see this as a setback. he designed his schedule in a way that wouldn’t disrupt the flow of the production crew. he decided to prep his wall in the evening, after the crew had gone home.

he was tested again that night. the weather forecast called for fierce rain, but upon arrival, the wall was still safe to paint. he and zippy tackled the wall with rollers, buffing it with black paint. they had finished and were packing up when it started to pour. after they’d put all the materials away, they took a step back to reflect on their handiwork. but the wall looked… different, somehow. it was reminiscent of someone who had had a solid cry in heavy mascara. it was then that they realized: the rain had washed away most of their efforts. instead of feeling defeated, seba laughed it off. 

he returned the next evening beneath clear skies. he repainted the wall and planted a series of dots as reference points for his image. he was now ready to work during the day, right in the thick of into action

into action was on their third day of setup. seba greeted them with kindness and worked out a schedule that would not encroach on their space. 

the production crew grew became increasingly involved with the work from that point forward, often stopping to compliment and comment on seba’s talent and work ethic. these exchanges evolved into a mutually beneficial relationship, one where seba’s mural became highlighted as part of into action. colabs provided official content and drone footage for the festival. 

mujer del poder was an organic experience fueled through mutual appreciation, positive thinking, and determination. while a mural serves as a work of art open to interpretation to most viewers, the process and experiences behind it often catalyze and reveal the importance of certain virtues to those involved. for colabs, it was the beginning of a new dawn.

thank you, into action for illuminating the power of our collective resilience and revealing the strength in our unity. infinite gratitude to the amazing individuals who continue to support colabs from all reaches of the globe. it is you, the human elements, who keep us awake and dreaming of a better future. together. 

music: "perenne" by juan rios
special thanks: montage paint

juan carlos is located at zynderia studios, 1741 naud street in los angeles, california 90012. 

words by carter