reef | hen pen

hollywood hills, california

Reef transformed the white walls of Hen Pen in two days, stating he felt possessed for the entirety of his work on the piece. 

The modern day hieroglyphics of Hen Pen are saturated with a political subtext that raise inescapable questions within the unconscious mind. Each symbol shares a meaningful story, a hidden message native to the confines of Reef’s mind, imprinted into physical reality.

Pre-Islamic symbols are among those that have been set in the wall, their existence tracing back thousands of years. Also included is a poem in Farsi from his aunt, who lived in an ashram in India. Her words weave their way through the walls, their overall design inspired by an outfit worn by Jimi Hendrix. Stylistic inspiration draws heavily from the concept of Persian rugs, which tell a story native to their region. 

Hen Pen is open exclusively for production use. The opportunity to experience this space is a trip worth taking as it’s a rare find to be able to fall so completely into the psyche of an artist through their work.