sebacener | mujer del poder

los angeles, california

Colabs is elated to present a fresh installment to our portrait of process series. This clip follows the creation of mujer del poder (woman of power), a timely and timeless tribute to feminine strength as realized by emerging Argentinian visual artist Sebacener

Mujer del poder marks the third and final installation for the aptly named wall of women at zynderia studios, located just north of downtown Los Angeles. The triptych is unified by bold portraits of female subjects and features historic contributions from Nils westergard and Alice Pasquini, both of whom painted their inaugural murals for the city of Los Angeles on this very facade.

the completion of mujer del poder coincided with the launch of Into Action, a groundbreaking social justice festival of art and ideas. an expansive, weeklong pop-up art exhibition, into action featured a series of creative installations, musical performances, panel discussions and activist workshops designed to inspire hope, galvanize community and ignite creative engagement in attendees.

thank you, into action, for illuminating the power of our collective resilience and revealing the strength in our unity.

for more behind-the-scenes, read our blog post about sebacener's mujer del poder

Music: "Perenne" by Juan Rios
Special thanks: Montage paint

Juan Carlos is located at Zynderia Studios, 1741 Naud Street in Los Angeles, California 90012. 


sebacener | juan carlos

los angeles, california


seba | juan carlos
reference image for Juan carlos

22-year-old Argentinian artist Sebacener has been painting city streets since he was 15-years-old. Over the past five years, he has redirected his focus from graffiti to mastering the real and surreal elements of human life. Awed by the aging process, the theme at this phase of Sebacener’s art career deals with the histories found in the faces of those blessed enough to lead long lives. The expression of depth and experience garnered from getting older was channeled through Juan Carlos, Sebacener’s largest mural to date. 

“It’s more interesting for me to paint older people than a normal face you see everyday,” he said. 

Sebacener used recycled latex paint from Paints4Less and spray paint to translate and instill a sweet sense of melancholia in the face of Juan Carlos. It took him 3 days to complete. 

While his work is predominant in Argentina, it may also be found in New York and at The Graff Lab in Los Angeles. 

Juan Carlos is located at Zynderia Studios, 1741 Naud Street in Los Angeles, California 90012.