about | fin dac

what do we know about fin dac? we’d tell you… but then we’d have to kill you. kidding! the uk based artist describes himself as a “non-comformist urban/stencil artist with influences ranging from graphic novels to francis bacon/aubrey beardsley.” he is also the originator or urban aesthetics, or his personal brand of street art, left in secret spots across the globe. his ‘hidden beauties’ series of works plays with the accepted notions of street art and the way its lauded and promoted. hidden walls, secret courtyards, abandoned ships and even jungle rooftops from la to hong kong, miami to wales have all received the fin dac treatment. more often than not the murals can’t be seen with the naked eye or at the very least require a certain amount of ingenuity or tenacity on the part of the photographer/street art hunter to get the shot.