event | cyrus howlett: give and take

the works of rising star cyrus howlett take on a new form for his show give and take at gabba gallery on saturday, january 6th. his canvases cry out in homage to the power of hands.

these natural born gifts equip us with infinite abilities, yet we unwittingly spend our entire lives taking them for granted. our dependency on this crucial body part has not been overlooked by howlett, who sees them as a source of inspiration, dependable instruments that not only provide us with the ability to perform basic functions, but give shape to and actualize everything in the world around us. the show is done in howlett’s signature style of radical acrylic painting: an expressive, freeform fusion of fine and urban art, executed strictly through emotion and not thought. 

colabs finagled a quick q+a with howlett in anticipation of his upcoming debut: 


how did you first get started in the art world—what were you first creating and how old were you? 

i've been interested in art and painting since I was little. my grandfather was an artist/teacher and would let me paint as a 4 year old. but I took a real interest when I was about 15. In an advanced studio art class I wasn't supposed to be in I studied and created fine art works. By 18 I realized artists like Barry McGee and Andy Warhol were out there and I also found a love for streetart and graffiti. Stepping away from landscapes and into the world of stencils, spray paint, and wheat paste. At 20 I got back in the studio and started growing using both inspiration from fine and urban art to create.

where did you originally find inspiration for your art and do you still find it in the same place now? 

I feel like my inspiration comes from the same place still. It comes from life. My surroundings. The people. The sunsets. As I grow and explore and meet new people my inspiration also grows. But I let my experiences be the guide as I work.

Do you have an ultimate goal or achievement for yourself/your work? 

I don't know if I have an ultimate goal. For now I want to continue to grow. As a person and an artist.


see give and take at gabba gallery (on view through 1/27): 

saturday, january 6th 

7-11 pm

3126 beverly blvd

los angeles, ca 90057