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the current barrage of negative news often makes us feel powerless, incapable of creating a positive counterbalance within the world around us. COlabs ethos: #humanelements, affirms not only the power we possess to forge a better future as individuals, but the strength of a collective mindset which can propel that future forward. 

marine biologist and nature photographer, paul nicklen has been a huge inspiration for colabs with his positive storytelling and track record of successes in conservation. when we discovered the Paul nicklen gallery was presenting a new exhibition, we didn't think twice. we booked a red-eye flight to Nyc to thank him in person and share preservation strategies for ecosystems/species in peril. it was there that we learned more about SeaLegacy, an organization founded by nicklen and his partner, award-winning photojournalist cristina mittermeier. 

nicklen has worked with national geographic magazine for 15 years and specializes in polar ecosystems. his background as a biologist has been quintessential in successful conservation efforts, which have won him 14 bbc wildlife awards. 

mittermeier is also a biologist, though she specializes in fisheries and indigenous cultures. her storytelling has led to many applauded photography expeditions including the great bear forest in british columbia, the coral reefs of abrolhos in brazil, and the mosquitia coast in honduras. 

the two found it a necessity for their organization to use the art of positive storytelling to raise awareness for the dangers our oceans are currently facing. they realized that digesting information presented in a frightening manner has a habit of scaring people away. sealegacy structures its content to create a sphere of hope and admiration for nature’s wonders. the mission is to create high-impact visual communications that propel people to take action to protect our oceans. 

It is for this purpose that SeaLegacy has employed the fluid use of world class photographers, documentarians and filmmakers. much like colabs, it is a collective of activist artists who are using their talents towards conservation in a conscious way. By creating the most extensive library in existence, they can better open the eyes of those unable to explore the depths, and, as a result, have become blind to an issue so far out of reach.

our time spent learning from nicklen and mittermeier revealed to us the #humanelements driving sealegacy forward. the organization has the capacity to educate, inspire and shepherd present and future generations toward a mindful existence.

solutions exist. change is possible. it starts with you. We urge you to learn more about them on their website and blog, and to get involved in their effort to generate positive and restorative change for our planet.