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while recent years have demonstrated that significant and immediate reduction of greenhouse gases is difficult, it is the only solution that attends to the root cause of climate change. while it is tempting to be defeatist and to feel that the most significant changes depend on the decisions of governmental bodies, giving up and holding an all-or-nothing mindset does not help the situation nor one’s self-respect.

according to the u.s. environmental protection agency, 68% of emissions are affected by national structures, such as the types of industries and large-scale agricultural methods. this may be dispiriting news, but the golden lining is that we as individuals can prevent 32% of total emissions, or about 4,800 pounds of co2.

it is understandable that some of us may never reach a zero-emission lifestyle due to societal structures and financial constraints, but the shameful fact that americans emit more greenhouse gases per person than any other country should rouse americans into taking steps to individually prevent further adverse effects and minimize co2 levels. there are plenty of resources online that suggest ways in which one can reduce one’s carbon footprint. but if you take one thing from this post, it’s this: drive less.

the largest cause of net increase in total u.s. greenhouse gas emissions is transportation. in 2013, transportation contributed approximately 27% of total u.s. greenhouse gas emissions.

replace driving whenever possible with your legs, a bicycle, public transportation, or a skateboard. each mile you do not drive prevents one pound of co2 pollution. habituate yourself into the massive behavior change and use transportation sources that reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.