ocean acidification | pangeaseed

ocean acidification, yet another problematic effect of climate change, presents a threat to coral reefs. due to increased levels of co2 emitted into the atmosphere, the oceans are growing increasingly acidic. When co2 reacts with water, carbonic acid is formed, lowering the ph level.

this causes the calcification of species such as corals, mollusks, and crustaceans; their shells dissolve and they are inhibited them from forming new calcium carbonate. coral reefs are the nurseries of the seas, and can shelter 1,000 species per square meter. the death of coral reefs affects food security, shoreline protection, marine biodiversity, and tourism.

research also shows that elevated levels of co2, acidification, and progressively warm temperatures encourage the growth of turf algae. turf algae hinders the reproduction and growth of kelp forests, which are one of the most productive and valuable ecosystems on earth.